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We started utilizing Color-Tek products in February 2010, the service they provide is timely, accurate and they will go the extra mile to help meet deadlines with products that are tailored to your needs - Every time!

-Purchasing manager
Millwork company.

Wood Finishes


Color-Tek Coatings & Gemini Coatings are committed to providing the best service in the wood coating industry. Gemini’s complete product line offers a fit for just about any woodworker.


The Pre-Finisher/Painter- Fast dry and durable coatings are available to you. Color-Tek Coatings carries pre-cat finishes, conversion coatings, & varnishes. We also provide custom stain matching for remodeled houses & custom pre-finish projects.


TWP (Total Wood Preservative) is a premium exterior product for siding, shakes and decks. The harsh Minnesota & North Dakota climates put wood coatings to their toughest test, TWP offers a long lasting and easy to maintain product.


The Cabinet Maker- Color-Tek offers a unique product mix for the cabinet builder. Our company is focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the end user. Whether it is a complete custom cabinet set, commercial project, or a pre-built cabinet, our company has the experience to back up Gemini’s products. Custom set-ups are our business. We can design systems including; glazes, pigmented varnishes, distressing, and more…


LEED Compliant Products


Color-Tek & Gemini are committed to producing the most ecologically friendly wood finish coatings possible. We recognize our responsibility to be good stewards in the conservation and use of our natural resources.

The Gemini product line proudly includes a wide selection of waterbornes and low VOC finishes that meet LEED requirements for credits 4.2., while still offering the finest finish, and application quality available in wood finishing today.

What does LEED Compliant Mean? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to promote a mission of “producing a new generation of buildings that deliver high performance inside and out.”


The LEED program rates commercial projects on a wide range of criteria like indoor air quality and the use of recycled materials, local resources, renewable energy sources and energy-saving systems. Through LEED standards, the USGBC seeks to improve the environmental and economic performance of commercial buildings using established and/or advanced industry principles, practices, material and standards. In the last year, LEED certified building projects have increased 330% nationwide.

Touch-up Products


Every job needs a little touch-up. Color-Tek has Gemini’s complete line of touch-ups:

                          • Aerosols
                          • Wax Sticks
                          • Markers
                          • Finish Putties
                          • Wood Fillers
                          • Burn-in Sticks

You can view Gemini's MSDS line here

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